Logitech Alert App Reviews

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Logitech, I'm just re-emphasizing that your $75. subscription stream of revenue is about to quickly dissappear due to no update to your alert app. You're biting the hand that fills your pockets. Rethink your business model for one second and come to your senses. The list of posts here warrants some attention. Please get to work or my money goes in someone else's pocket who cares enough to perform some updates.

Please update this app!!

This app will load instantly at times or just sit on connecting. Please up the app for compatibility. Some of us still use it and pay for Web Commander. This app needs to be updated to work with iOS 12.

Works Great with iOS 12.0 and 3.5 FW

Cameras require 3.5 Firmware (FW) to work properly on iPhone/iPad with iOS 10.3.2, 10.3.3, 11.0.3, 11.1.2, 11.2, 11.2.1, 11.2.2, 11.2.5 and 12.0 software. To check camera Firmware(FW) open Alert Commander on your MAC. Go to Settings>General>Firmware Update. Below each camera you will see it's current firmware. If you have 3.2, 3.3 or 3.4 Firmware pull down menu on right side and see if you can update to 3.5 Firmware. If not available, contact LOGITECH and insist they provide you with a way to update to current 3.5 Firmware.


This app has not been updated or supported for years now. With the new iOS 10 update you can no longer view real time video. It just keeps trying to connect over and over and over again. Here we go again!!! IOS 12 is out now and we still do not have an update now since iOS10. Way to go Logitech. Keep up the great work and support!!!!

iOS 11 compatibility

Can anyone speak to the future of this app? It appears to not work since iOS 11 update to iPad and iPhone.

Not happy with soft ware

I have been using them for years. First the alert logic tech. Second logic tech with the cam up date and now the logic tech circle cam witch has been the worse, the circle has a battery that don’t last even a year may be to, the camera shut down you can even re set it, the logic tech alert softwares come wit error that logic tech can even fix and if you don’t have the warranty from store you are really stuck with nothing. In the last 4 years I bought the circle one an only want work do I font recomen this product at all on less you want temp cam. Sorry they are good at first but longevity is a big problem .

No longer updates

No longer can you update any camera updates, or software. It your camera no longer work, it’s too bad. They have pushed this to the side and are on to other things. But every year they charge my credit card company. Can’t even sign in to cancel credit card, I had to get ahold of the credit card company.

No play back and poor support

They sold this to us then forgot us?

Item excelent

Excelent item I’m very happy

Needs Update! Spinning Wheel Recorded Video

Can not playback and recorded videos anymore, only get the spinning wheel of death!

My wish

My wish is that I could get timing correct with the motion sensors. I’ve had these Logitech cameras for over 5 years now and plus my wife even smashed one with a hammer and it still works! No lie

Best system ever works great

I recommend for everyone who want good systems

Excellent,I will recommend to my friends


Lags behind

It used to be great but lags behind a few seconds.


I downloaded this app thinking it’d be useful with my Logitech cameras. I can’t even logon. Gives me an error message that password or email is incorrect, but I know they are accurate. Plus, I logged a new device in to the Logi Circle Security Camera app just moments before using the “incorrect” email/password.

Videos do not play

Videos do not play, making the app, service, and cameras useless.

Another Update Needed

Since Logitech dropped the Master Alert system, any update needed goes on the back burner. One is needed again now (12/2017) but apparently there is no rush to keep previous customers happy. We just have to sit and wait until a bored applications engineer decides to do some work. Sad.

Still working after all these years (over 7)

Used to have connection problems once in a while, but that was years ago

Super App

Great way to keep an eye on our house when away. Have one facing the street and I’m sure it makes a difference for the security as well. Too bad support they stopped supporting the hardware.

Logitech camer

Great camera!! Very clear picture. Able to identify objects clearly day or night.

Very reliable

Honestly, the software app does everything it is advertised to do. The software application for iPhone is solid and displays just as well as logging in on the website. Any video leg through the app is more likely due to the fact that the cameras upload their video through the house AC wiring.

Update me...

11.0.3 does not currently work with this product; curious to see if Logitech fails to update it.

Latest iOs update porked it again

Please update to 64 bit for latest ipad iphone. Please.

Discontinued item

Loved these cams they lasted me a LONG time... but Logitech has given up on us. No updates No new features

Still Don't work with iOS update 10.3.1 or 10.3.2 or iOS 11

I've had your equipment for a long time now the Logitech Camera alert system does not work on my iPad air two with updated to the latest 10.3.1 or 10.3.2 or iOS 11 you just hit the button and it goes back to the homepage it always worked before this update please fix this! I paid thousands for my Logitech security camera system. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling that did nothing still have the same problem. I have an expensive iPad air two and a few thousand dollars in your camera systems that don't work please fix this ASAP.

iOS 10.3.3 also just bounces to home screen

It worked fine for me on all earlier updates. Tried delete and reinstall, no joy.

Horrible: no create a account button

Ugh I'll never use this if they don't add it


Have used for 5 years. Flawless. I think the armatures that can't read directions are the cause of the los ratings.

App error showing Offline indicated

App is broken!! All of a sudden May 2017 the IOS app just stopped working . Works on mac but not iPhone. Support says many calls received re this .

Great App 4 Home Security

Along with the Logitech Home Security camera this app is a perfect solution to peace of mind of a secure home. Cheers!!

Working with iOS 10.3.2

The App works, it takes awhile to start up and load live view otherwise would be 5 stars


Takes forever to play a playback if it ever does!

Not happy with it!

It often doesn't show the videos. It goes offline for no reason. It's not reliable. Tech support is of no help. I would buy a different security cam.

Horrible implementation of App

I wanted to like the app. But there are too many problems. The first problem is the number of times that the app crashes. It will randomly crash upon startup. I'm using the most current iOS. The second problem is the motion detection does not work. It has never worked even though the settings allow you switch the motion detection on or off and even configure. But too bad this never worked. This makes it only useful for live views. If I could give it less than 1 star, I would.

Logitech. Dennis review

I love this system. One draw back is price of camera. When started using like 10 years ago or so. The tech and app use was free. Now you must pAy. So now their are better less expensive stuff out their but still good little system but not for money.

Can't view captured footage

Can't view captured footage!!! PLEASE FIX OR PROVIDE SOLUTION...

Logitech alert cameras

We still need an update for 10.2 on Mac. System kind of useless without it.

Used to work

Hasn't been working right for about a year. Doesn't playback the clips. So many problems..it doesn't make sense....Do Not Buy until they Fix the Software!!! TRUST me! You don't want these problems 😩

Great system ahead of its time

I would've rated five stars have a still provided new cameras


I am using three different types of home cameras. I have used this one for over four years. Aside from 3gig camera this one of the best.

Good app, iffy cameras

The app works well again, after a "blackout" because of iOS 10 update. I've had two outdoor cameras go down over the last 5 years, and not cheap to replace. The ease of use is fantastic, camera reliability is spotty.

Not good

Bad app

No playback on IOS 10.X devices

Still waiting for Logitech to fix compatibility issues with IOS devices running 10.x systems. I'm paying for a subscription that fails to deliver a crucial function. Losing patience watching a spinning wheel instead of stored clips.


Piece of junk. This app is constantly not working for great lengths of time. When I have the money I will definatly invest in different cameras and app!!!!!!!


I have 6of the cameras already but would like to know if Logitech has done anything to correct the neg feed back I have read on this thread I have had a little problem with my 6 cameras which I can not get to down load on my I pad r my I phone have tried to reload 3 times always go back to the start I payed extra for the Mobil app but it want let me get in to put my access number Logitech would you comment I would appreciate it thanks

This app use to work

Viewing cameras live works great! However you will not able to view past footage. Don't bother wasting your money buying the subscription service.


After years of using this it still drops connection.


I have tried many camera systems and this one is best of them. Some issues but have used now for several years. The iPhone app quit working on last iOS update but hope they fix that.

Horrible update

This version consistently crashes on iOS 10.2 and will not launch. Hard/Cold reboot does not fix the issue. Please fix ASAP!

Logitech Alert is Awful!

Have not been able to play clips for months. I called them at least a dozen times, and get the same excuse "we're working on it". Their rep at an outsourced center, with thick accent, actually hung up on me. Don't bother buying this lousy system. They do not support it!!

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